Data-Impact: Facilitating the data revolution in agriculture.

The amount of data available for agriculture and rural development is booming: Satellites are scanning the earth's surface every day. Science groups, governments and NGO’s are publishing their agricultural information as ‘open’ on the internet, making their information sources freely available and discoverable. Machines, tractors and drones are measuring and dosing while optimizing their operation. Farm management and decision making is getting digitized. Decisions are supported by computers and apps. The UN indicates that this data revolution is the new catalyser for innovation in agriculture and will support the realization of the sustainable development goals.

The remaining question however is: How can we create the necessary impact with all these data?

The availability of data alone does not guarantee the uptake or proper use of data, despite its potential relevance. The impact strongly depends on the needs of the end user in relation to the quality and accessibility of the data and the way it is presented to the end user.

To realise impact a clear answer needs to be found on in the question why data is needed and how it will be used.

As a freelance consultant I assists organisations in answering the why-question. In this context, I provides the following services:

  • User needs assessment

  • (Spatial) data analysis/remote sensing

  • Supporting solution design and technical implementation

  • Project management

  • Proposal writing

  • Process facilitation

I am offering these services in collaboration with a network of researchers, technicians and software developers.



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